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Poor Economy May Keep You From Getting A Student Loan

7:32 AM
By Ronaldo Q Cacheezey

The global credit crisis and decreasing money available for borrowing are affecting another area for financially strapped families. Student loans for US students wanting to attend college have traditionally been accessible, but it seems as though this reliable source of funds may be getting shut down. Student Loan companies, which used to dish out student loans under the Federal government backed student loans, are finding this is not profitable enough for their bottom line in the current state of the credit institutions.

It's been reported that a state agency has quit a loan program that serves borrowers. This will affect 100 universities and colleges and there are fears that other agencies and colleges may follow the same path. The reason given was the disruption of capital markets.

Some funds for college,loans for students has traditionally been supported and provided by some of the largest banks like Citibank, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. They have ceased supporting the low-risk security that education assistance have always been behind. On top of this, financial experts are predicting that funds will start to become more expensive, putting extra strain in this area.

One of the main sources of credit to students has always been the federal government backed financial assistance, which provides funds to means-tested students. Many students find that this loan only covers tuition and they then need to take out a further private loan to cover other expenses. These are the very loans that are tipped to disappear, although it seems as though lenders are standing by their obligations under the federal backed program.

The main effect of this problem will be felt by low income families and those with a poor credit rating. There are parents who have been negatively affected by the mortgage crisis who have college aged children. These young people could find themselves disallowed by loan providers because of the parents' low credit score.

It has been estimated that about 100,000 students will not qualify for private or government loans this year due to poor credit. Add to this the decreasing number of companies providing student loans, and there will be problems for many college students.

A Student needing financial aid should visit the counselor at the school of their choice. These counselors may be aware of scholarships or grants that are not widely known about. They also are a source of little know student aid that Students or Parents with poor credit may qualify for.

Should all your attempts at securing a traditional student loan fail, then it's important to start researching unconventional ways such as scholarships, grants or small loans. In the end, a financially poor Student may have to get an education the old fashioned way...by getting a job and paying for it yourself.

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Learn How To Copy PS3 Games With Game Copy Pro Software

3:20 PM
By Cam Gumble

Are you interested in knowing how to copy PS3 games and games from different consoles such as Xbox, PS2, Dreamcast and Nintendo Wii. Well there is a new kind of software that will allow you to make reliable backup copies of all your favourite games with you home computer.

People have wanted to know how to copy PS3 games for quite some time now. The software program that allows you to make these copies is called Game Copy Pro.

Anyone who has ever wanted to know how to copy PS3 games and other console games should strongly consider purchasing this software. It can be used to make reliable backup copies of all your favourite games in case they get lost, damage or even stolen.

Game Copy Pro is so easy to work that even computer newbies can use it. Regardless of whether you would like to copy PS3 games, Nintendo Wii games, Xbox, Dreamcast or any other console games, this new program will work on everything.

The software uses state of the art technology to bypass the hard to break copy protection on your gaming disks. To get started all you need to do is install the software and then any time you would like to copy PS3 games or other console games you just insert the original disk so that your PC can make an "image" and then place a blank CD into you computer so it can produce an instant copy. It's as simple as point and click.

The best part about Game Copy Pro is that when you buy the program, you also get access to their free download service. This game downloading service is absolutely massive. It has over 3 million games to chose from along with music, movies and more. You literally can copy PS3 games and also upload all of your favourite games with just the click of a button.

Game Copy Pro cost a staggeringly cheap $29. The value is unprecedented in terms of being able to copy PS3 games and download them for free. Considering that an average game cost upwards of $50 it becomes very clear just how much money you will save.

Game Copy Pro is a great way to copy PS3 games. It's extremely affordable and a must have for any serious gamer. Not only can you make reliable backup copies any game, you also get access to an absolutely massive library of games that you can download for free at the click of a button.

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Studies Show Acai Berry Absorbs in the Human Body

3:12 PM
By Dr. Jerimiah Crossderd

The acai berry has been a popular health food though not a lot of scientific research-until now. In a first time study that involves people, the acai berry has proven that it has the ability to be absorbed in the human body when it is drank as a juice or when the pulp is eaten.

That finding, by a team of Texas AgriLife Research scientists, was published in a recent issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Providing evidence that the acai berry fruit absorption in humans is important because it is known to contain numerous antioxidants that stop and prevent free radicals from damaging the body's cells.

The scientist performed this research by taking 12 healthy people by providing them one daily serving of either acai jusice or the acai berry pulp. The acai berry is a pupular food in the U.S. that is being touted as a miricale food.

There have been other studies done to show that the human body is able to absorb antioxidants from other foods, but this is the first time that the acai berry has been tested to determine if acai's antioxidants are absorbed in humans. Acai has a taste that is described by many as a mixture of chocalate and red wine.

The acai berry has found a popular spot in the consumers heart by being marketed as a superfood where it can reduce your weight all the way to the professional ranks where its been marketed as an instant energy recovery food.

Acai berry is only grow in the Btrazilian rain forrest from a palm tree called the acai palm-these palms can grow as high as sixty feet. The only edible part of the acai berry is the outermost layer.

One of the pioneers of the study of acai berry is the Talcotts who first began studying the fruit in 2001. Thier intial studies dealt primarily with the high cocentrations of antioxidants found in the pulp and juice-these were also the first known studies that were ever published in english happening in 2004.

Studies showed the berrys activity against cancer cells. With that infrmation, the team then decided to find out whether those elements were actually being absorbed into the human body or being eliminated unused as waste.

Antioxidants can only be absorbed in smal quantities as is the case with vitamin c.

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Tasteful Wedding with Coffee, Tea & Chocolate Wedding Favors

3:07 PM
By Aaron H.

It has become a tradition in recent years for couples to give out wedding favors as part of the celebration. Favors are typically small, inexpensive gifts that are given as "Thank you" gifts to the guests. Giving favors is a better way of conveying gratitude than simply sending out "Thank you" cards afterward. Couples generally want to display good taste to their guests when choosing wedding favors. Now favors can taste good as well. Coffee and tea favors and Chocolate wedding favors are two items that are always in good taste and taste good.

With only a very few exceptions, most people drink coffee, tea, or both. Coffee and tea favors are normally a mug with coffee, tea, or some of each inside. These favors are generally appreciated by all. Shopping around for coffee and tea favors will generally let a couple find different options among the possible choices so that they may purchase the items that their guests will prefer. Coffee and tea favors often lend themselves to personalization with relative ease. Either the mugs, or the packages of coffee/tea may have the names of the couple and the wedding date imprinted on them. Personalization in this manner assures that the people who receive these favors will recall this wedding fondly when they consume the coffee or tea selections. Even those few who do not use either one will like the mug and remember the couple and the wedding whenever it is used.

Chocolates are another tasty treat to consider giving as wedding favors. Chocolate wedding favors may be in the form of cookies, cakes, chocolate candies, or hot cocoa packets that can be added to the coffee and tea favors discussed above. No matter which form of favors is chosen, almost everyone appreciates fine chocolate. Those rare individuals who do not usually have a food allergy or other situation that the couple will be aware of in time to substitute a different favor for this individual if needed.

Most chocolate favors can be personalized quite easily. Packets of hot cocoa can have a personal message imprinted on them. Wrappers, which must be manufactured for chocolate pieces and bars anyway, can have the date of the wedding and the couple's names imprinted on them without adding a significant amount to the cost. Personalization will increase the value of these items in the minds of the people who receive them, however, and cause them to recall this wedding and think about the couple when they choose to consume the chocolate.

All couples have a strong desire to give out wedding favors that their guests will find in good taste. With coffee and tea favors or chocolate wedding favors, these items are not only in good taste, but taste good as well.

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When it is Considered an Injury at the Workplace?

3:04 PM
By Amy Nutt

Injuries in the workplace happen all of the time. It is quite unfortunate, but certain obstacles get in the way, there are slip and fall injuryaccidents, and sometimes people may lift something and take out their back. There are so many things that can occur and many individuals are not quite certain when and if they should file a claim against their employer. If the injury causes them to not be able to function, then they lose wages and their quality of life is reduced significantly.

But when is it really considered a workplace injury?

Here is a list of workplace injuries:

- Carpal tunnel " This is from typing in an improper position. The wrist should be positioned in a certain way. This can be due to the employee not using proper techniques, but this can also be due to the proper supports not being provided by the company.

- Falls " If the floor is wet where it shouldn't be or there is an obstacle in the way, this can be claimed as a workplace injury.

- Breaks and fractures " If something occurs that causes you to break your arm or fracture any bone in your body, you can claim this as a workplace injury.

- Back, neck, and head injuries " If you are lifting something and you hurt your back, you can claim the injury if you were not provided with the right kind of back support to prevent the injury. Neck injuries can happen in this way as well. As far as head injuries go, you can get them from falling, from something falling on you, or from something hitting you.

- Tendonitis " This is the result of overuse of that particular part of your body. When it is work-related, there is a possible claim.

- Burns and lacerations " If you are cut or burned on the job, then you may be able to claim the injury.

There are many other injuries that can occur on the job. The best way to know whether or not it is considered an injury in the workplace is when it has occurred because of something that someone else caused or was caused by the company themselves.

There are many instances in which the right safety gear is not offered. There are also cases in which a person may be severely overworked and it leads to overuse injuries. The best way to be able to file a workplace injury claim is to be able to prove that the company is at fault in some way. If you tripped over your own feet, that is hardly grounds for an injury claim although it happened at work. So you have to be mindful of what constitutes an injury at work and what doesn't. Just know that if you cause the injury that you won't be able to file a claim against the company since it wasn't due to their negligence.

So if you find that your company is not employing the right safety measures, do something about it. Tell them what it is that you and the employees need. They should know this considering there are severe consequences for companies that don't ensure their employees are safe.

In the meantime, exercise your own safety measures so that you don't become injured. You never know when an injury may cause you to be out of work indefinitely and that can cause severe financial consequences for you in the form of medical expenses and lost wages. Workplace injuries are the most common injuries, so make sure you are careful when on the job. In the long run you'll be glad that you were.

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