3 Reasons Why Men Dump Women, Stop Them in Their Tracks

By Hilda Laine

It's very easy for some guys to drop a woman flat these days. Unfortunately, sometimes the woman, herself contributes to this dumping by making it too easy for him to leave. Many times when this happens a contributing factor is the partners have agreed in the beginning to make it easy for the relationship to be terminated. Of course, not every breakup can be attributed to this.

In this article, we will talk about the top 3 bad reasons men decide to call it quits with a woman. These three reasons are common reasons but they say more about the man than the woman or the relationship. Still, they also say something about the vetting process used to pick men these days.

Right up front, I need to point out these guys are wrong to do this to their better half but unfortunately these guys exist. This means we've got to be vigilant in the beginning when we are about to let him get a toe-hold of a significant part of our life.

His Friends Like Her More

One thing that attracts some men to some women is the fact they impress a lot of other people. Some of the more insecure types of men have a deep-seated need for a woman his friends approve of. Probably, this is because they have trouble impressing people themselves and have to rely on their partner to do this for them.

A problem will arise if his friends change their minds or if he happen to move up, or down to a new set of friends who don't take to her. In his zeal to make sure he has the best mate, he will have to quit his relationship with this unapproved woman and find one his friends are comfortable with.

She's No Longer The Hot Body She Once Was

Here's a common problem you would think would never happen at all. Early in the relationship, these two people just can't stay further away than an arms length. She just can't get enough of him and he just can't wait until next time they're alone together.

This is all great, but at some point, maybe like five kids down the road, she loses her 21-year-old-girl figure. Unfortunately, it's not until this point that either one of them realizes all along the relationship had been all about sex.

Family Life Just Ain't For Me!

The thing that's changed drastically over the years is that now a lot of folks seem to be in a hurry to settle down without really settling down. What I mean by this is, they start living together without ever starting a married type of relationship.

In the not too distant future, he figures out the family life is just too tough for him, and without having a commitment, he just walks out the door. Unfortunately, this happens all the time. Living together without marriage has become the thing to do to, and broken hearts are often the result.

Human nature happens. So when man and woman live together in one house, or more explicitly stated, one bedroom, families often result. Before this happens with disastrous results, don't agree to a "let's live together" relationship without working out every detail in advance.

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