4 Shoe Brands that are both stylish and comfortable

By Paul Lucas

When buying a pair of shoes, we often had to choose between design and functionality. Today, shoe makers are able to put these qualities together in one package. Looking for the most popular pair of shoes at the moment? Take a look at these classic brands!

Wolky. Wolky footwear is made using high-quality full-grain leathers for the superior comfort and endurance. The foot beds are contoured cork, which evenly distribute the body's weight and offer a firm, shock absorbent foundation for superlative health. The addition of high density memory foam layer that rests atop the cork memorizes the foot structure. This means that a unique individual imprint of foot is transferred onto the insole of the shoe. The entire foot bed is covered with supple, soft leather to soothe the feet.

Gabor. Gabor maintains traditional handiwork, which even in time of industrial manufacturing processes cannot be taken for granted. The combination of the traditional craft for the cobbler, innovative technology a feel for fashion is Gabor's trademark. With Gabor, you can always be in style. Long dimensional stability, having perfect fit and excellent price/performance ratio are just few reasons why consumers buy Gabor.

El Naturalista. El Naturalista brings together the latest technologies with shoemaking traditions by using a special hand-stitching technique to produce some of its models. This technique, inspired by traditional shoe-making methods, enables to use a thicker thread, which results in a sturdy shoe with artistic finish. Using all-natural rubber insoles, which bends and absorbs impact easily, is a key factor in achieving shoe flexibility and durability. Also, once natural rubber is discarded it decomposes much more rapidly than synthetic materials, making it perfectly safe to nature.

Romika. Since 1963, Romika has combined fashion with comfort in creating quality footwear. Using the latest technology, Romika remained true to its German heritage in producing premium shoes. The foot bed consists of resilient cork, pure latex and moisture absorbent leather. The leather foot bed has tiny air holes that lets your feet to breath and allows air to circulate inside your shoes even as you wear them. Each design is customizable for perfect fit, resulting in best comfort and flexibility.

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