Birdwatching Or Birding Which One Are You Into?

By Greg F Williams

Birder's have long contested birdwatching as a hobby, by saying the two are entirely different. Birdwatching is a pursuit that is done as an activity during recreation, but birder's are far more intense and dedicated to their cause.

The Birder's

May it be in the UK or in the United States, birder's say that what they are doing is far from just a pastime or a relaxation thing. For them, they do such to study not only the species of birds but also their patterns. They do not base their analogies on simple observation and they invest in the latest visual equipment to strengthen their claims.

Instead of going where the birdwatchers usually go, the birder's are always on the lookout for new and unknown sites, hoping to find out more information. They would even allot a budget for travel, however far it will take them, just to expand their knowledge and to learn a lot more about the subject that they are most interested about, birds.

The Birdwatchers

These individuals go about birdwatching by only observing with their eyes. They may as well opt for binoculars but are not really focusing on the technology. They would not care if their apparel is not the latest in the market, they are happy to go without those gadgets. What is important is that they get a sense of fulfillment from what they are doing, they get to relax, see the birds and enjoy the sights.

The birdwatchers could not care less where they do their stuff. They would even do it on their own gardens or just go to nature reserves nearest to them. If they happen to be on vacation, they can do it wherever they are, whenever they please to do it. These individuals has a love for the birds but do not really want to take that feeling further by going the scientific route, because by doing so, they might miss out the fun that they intend to have.

The Right Time

Birdwatching in regions that have four seasons are most active in the spring and fall migrations. During such time, the widest range of birds can be seen as these birds relocate northbound or southbound in trying to find nesting sites.

For the hobbyists and professionals, it is best to do the act in the early morning when the birds are looking for food. This way, watching can be done at a lengthier time and you can watch them easily while they are into their everyday tasks.

Sea watching

This type of birdwatching is for people who would go near coastal areas to find watch points like the headland to be able to see the birds flying over to the sea. The birds that can be watched from such are called the oceanic kinds. The pelagic species of birds can as well be observed when one is aboard a seagoing vessel.

The Proper Etiquette

Whether you are a birder or a bird watcher, you should always look out for the wellbeing of the birds and likewise have some positive notes on what you are doing. You can lead the way to promote cleanliness of the environment so that the natural habitat for the birds would not be harmed. As Well, you should be vigilant about the latest technology when you use them as part of the activity, that it will not impact the birds in a negative manner.

Birdwatching may just be a pursuit to some people, but to most it is a hobby that must be done with passion and concern about the birds and their well-being.

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