Causes Of Vaginal Yeast Infections

By Jennifer King

There are a variety of elements leading to the causes for yeast infections. This article will focus on 3 causes, and help educate you in learning what may be causing your infections There is a cause of every yeast infection, and once the cause is discovered the treatment is a lot easier.

Sugar consumption

Keep in mind that yeast loves sugar! In addition to sugar, simple carbohydrates (white flour, potatoes, and other starches) can feed Candida. Our modern diet that is filled with sugar and refined carbohydrates creates a perfect environment in our intestines to help the Candida mutate into a fungus. Once the Candida takes over your intestines it can make your crave these foods even more so then you feed it even more. Cravings for sugar are very common in people with systemic yeast infections, even cravings for coffee, beer and mushrooms are suspect because each of these feed the yeast. Fizzy drinks and alcoholic drinks are part of the cause of chronic yeast infections in women as well.


A vagina is filled with bacteria and other organisms that help to keep the environment inside of it a healthy one. The balance of these maintains a normal acidity in the vagina and acts to prevent overgrowth of specific organisms, leading to symptoms of a vaginal infection. Douching washes out the friendly bacteria that are preventing the yeast from making a home in your vagina, and the chemicals in the douching solutions add to the problem. It is for these reasons gynecologists generally do not recommended this practice. The vagina naturally cleanses itself.


Causes that are often overlooked by women suffering from recurrent yeast infections are detergents, dyes and perfumes that are in or on their underwear. An allergic reaction to chemicals once again, upset the vaginal eco-system. The list is endless for the many products we use on a daily basis: perfumed toilet papers, fabric softeners, synthetic underwear containing dyes, fragrance-laced laundry detergents, perfumed and scented soaps, bubble baths, perfumed bath salts, feminine deodorant sprays, scented tampons and sanitary pads, etc, etcThis isn't all bad news as there are plenty of alternatives you can use when it concerns anything that can cause you to suffer from recurrent yeast infections.

Every yeast infection has a cause, and getting to know these causes will help you make informed decisions: These decisions will help you to prevent any infections in the future.

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