Cuba Holidays

By Jose Mauricio Maurette

Many people come to Cuba to enjoy its rich cultural values and the work of its musicians, artists and dancers; to explore its cities and heritage sites; to savour its cuisine; to participate in the many international conferences, congresses and summits; to get marry or spend a honeymoon or simply because they want to share in the Cuban people's obvious enjoyment of life.

Cuba has great biodiversity, with well-preserved land and marine ecosystems. The average annual air temperature is 77.9 Fahrenheit's (25.5 Celsius), and the average annual temperature of costal waters is about the same. You can count on an average of 330 sunny days a year.

From west to east, the most beautiful beaches and cays are Maria La Gorda, Cayo Levisa, East Havana beaches, Varadero, Cayo Largo, Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Ensenachos, Playa ancon, Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Guardalavaca.

The seabed of Cuba's insular shelf, which is 27,027 square miles (70,000 square kilometres) in size, contains areas which Jacques-Yves Cousteau (participant of the 1992 World Underwater Photography Championship) described as the most spectacular and varied on earth.

The Cuban archipelago has 525 diving sites, located in 15 important zones: Maria La Gorda, Cayo Levisa, Havana, Cayo Largo, Varadero, Bay of Pigs, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Los Jardines del Rey and Los Jardines de la Reina, and the list goes on.

Cuba counts 236 protected areas, which cover 22 percent-around 10,328 square miles of the country's territory. They include the Valley of Viales in Pinar del Rio (a world heritage site by UNESCO) and several other areas that have been awarded the category of World Biosphere Preserves.

Some of Cuba's cities are like living museums of tremendous enchantment; UNESCO has declared Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Havana to be part of the World Cultural Heritage.

These are just some reasons why Cuba can be a perfect destination for your next holidays. There is a universe of options that you can go for. If you fancy swimming with dolphins, relaxing on a beach or simple soak up the atmosphere of its vibrant cities you have that for granted.

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