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By Todd Spearhead

One of the nation's top vacation locations has long been the scenic and majestic Grand Canyon. While some people study travel books offering foreign adventures there is one of the greatest thrills in the world awaiting them in the western portion of the United States. The awe-inspiring beauty of this natural wonder has attracted families and individuals for years and there are some Grand Canyon Vacation Packages that are certain to be the right fit for you and your group.

Today you can visit the Grand Canyon Walkway, which is also known as the Skywalk, and enjoy one of the best and most scenic ways to familiarize yourself with the canyon. The Skywalk extends 70 feet from the rim of the canyon. The panoramic views that you are afforded makes this a must do when you arrive. From your safe vantage point on the Walkway, you can look straight down into the valley of the canyon, which is almost a mile below where you are standing.

This Walkway is similar in shape to the letter "C" and the bridge you cross spans the mighty Colorado River. This bridge is constructed from glass and the views are simply breathtaking, but may be too intense for those with a fear of heights. This is a guided tour and cameras will not be permitted but you will have a chance to purchase photos from the tour guides. There are also some great package tours that can include any combination of fun activities that allow vacationing families to personalize their canyon trip.

You can choose to travel by air and these tours will take you around, over, and into the canyon itself. Tourists that choose planes or helicopters for their vacation exploration of the canyon will be thrilled to soar into the clouds and then swoop down for close up exploration with their experienced pilot and guide. This sightseeing adventure also lets you view many of the less accessible areas that cannot be reached by most visitors. There are also rafting trips with qualified river guides that will have you paddling in unison as a group, enjoying both the Colorado River wonders and the majesty of the canyon walls and trails. There are also hiking tours that can be arranged for any number of people and these are available at different levels of difficulty and experience so that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy them.

A Grand Canyon Bus Tour is a wonderful way to set out to see the sites and these tours usually include narration and commentaries by skilled guides, park fees, lunch, and a guided park tour. All of the buses are fully equipped with AC, modern seating and an on board restroom. These bus tours also provide guests with photo opportunities at special sites like the Hoover Dam.

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