Health Insurance for Non Citizens & Preferred Networks

By Ray C. Sandeo

A network of doctors and hospitals that accept the policy claims of a certain insurer is sometimes called a preferred provider network or PPO. They often give discounted rates to companies offering immigrant insurance. There are positives and negatives about these organizations.

PPO immigrant insurance plans will offer less coverage for using "out of network" hospitals or doctors. For instance, a 20% cut in coverage may be offered if a provider happens to be out of network. This policy, however, only applies to non-emergency care. If emergency care is sought, the coverage rates will be the maximum guaranteed, though follow up coverage will generally entail a transfer to an in-network facility.

There are some PPO providers who will allow out of network care, but who will charge higher co-payments, the out of pocket expense, for this service. The trade-off is that in a non-PPO plan, there are no venues at which one might obtain discounted rates. In these cases, the total cost of the claim is higher for both the individual incurring the medical bill and the insurance company itself.

Health insurance for immigrants companies like to use preferred provider organizations because of the discounted fees they receive from the providers. Saving money on these services allows the company to insure more customers and increase general coverage amounts. Incentives are usually offered to customers for using services within the PPO.

PPO insurance plans are able to offer more coverage to insured customers for their money. Savings from reduced network discounts is passed on to customers through lower premium rates. However, lower costs are not the only advantage to using PPO non U.S. citizen insurance.

Insurance for non US citizens with PPO networks offer a degree of convenience that consumers expect. The in-network providers are able to do direct billing. The policy-holder, essentially, has no obligations regarding billing.

Many hospitals and doctors will bill the patient, and it becomes the patient's responsibility to file the claim with the insurance company. With PPO insurance for immigrants and non U.S. citizens, this is far less likely to happen.

Pros and cons of using a PPO insurance plan vary greatly. The insured must weigh these aspects carefully in determining the best plan for them. Non US citizen insurance plans offer ample choice for customers to choose from according to their preferences.

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