Here is my biggest secret to success in my home business

By John Wallen

If you would like, I would be more than willing to give you the missing link, that would take your life, your home business, to the highest level of success. Every time I go away to an event, someone it never fails, will always pull be aside and want to know what this missing link is.

"So John, what's the real secret to building a big network business? And don't give me the same old answers you give to everyone else. I know you're not telling the whole story. I want the real secret. You can tell me, and it will stay just between us."

These attempts are persuasive, but unnecessary, as I'm always glad to reveal the answer, which is always the same. This is the "real" secret that no one else wants to talk about. It's the secret that you'll never find in advertisements or company presentations.

But I must warn you, it's an ugly, massive let down of a secret, which is probably why no one likes to reveal it. When someone finally pries this information out of me, they usually get angry and think that I'm blowing them off or holding back.

I have to tell you now, I always was the guy to pop that question. I always felt the same way when a successful net worker gave me that god awful answer I'm about to reveal. Yes it's ugly, but it's true. It's the reason for all of my success, I tell you no lies, and don't care how you'll feel about it.

This is the answer I always tell them. Without a doubt it is YOU! And I always hear something like this, "Your kidding me aren't you John? I've been struggling to make ends meet, looking for the best way to be successful in my business, and that's all you give me?" It's the worst let down, and so ugly isn't it? Secret, yeah right, no such secret!

The true network builder keeps an eye open for opportunity, but uses a system of determination and hard work through sacrifice. The common opportunist is an opportunity seeker looking for a way to get rich with some sort of magic lamp.

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