How To Burn Fat

By Jason King

To successfully burn unwanted fat from your body the first phase is to get your food combinations correct. Without a carefully planned diet you won't be able to burn fat even with a good exercise program. 10 minutes extra cardio later on in the day doesn't work, and you will end up getting fatter.

You need energy to exercise when you're burning fat from your body. A diet that has gotten a lot of media attention over the last few years is the low carb diet. And these fad diets have been backed by famous celebrities because of the rate in which they help you lose weight.

The problem with low carb diets is you lose muscle as well as fat, and losing muscle slows down your metabolism. While you're on the diet you'll be happy at the weight you're losing, but when you start eating normally again ( which you'll have to do eventually ) the pounds soon pile on, and you end up heavier than before.

Carbohydrates feed your muscles and give them the energy you need to exercise. Carbohydrates also make you feel better mentally. Depression soon sets in when you cut carbs from your diet. And a diet is suppose to make you feel good.

Another fad diet is a low fat diet. If you have a condition such as heart disease then you almost certainly need top go on a low fat diet. If you want to successfully lose weight then fat is as important as any other nutrient.

people aren't fat because they've consumed too much fat. Your weight loss program will have a massive benefit from eating healthy unsaturated fats. Healthy fats are also important for the regeneration of your body's cells. Fish oils such as omega 3's are now well known for being good for the brain because the brain is largely made of fat. Vitamins and minerals also rely on fat so they can be transported around your body.

Your muscles grow when you consume more protein which is why protein is important for weight loss. When you feed your muscles they get bigger, and then your metabolism increases. You'll never successfully burn fat if you don't increase your metabolic rate. With a higher metabolic rate your body will burn more calories even while you're resting.

A good exercise regime is also needs to be introduced into our life as well as a healthy diet. Exercise makes you stronger, and when you get stronger your muscles grow. When your muscles grow you increase your metabolism, and your body burns fat faster then you could have imagined.

Proper fat burning is easily achieved without the need of any fad diet or wonder pill

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