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By Louis Soul

Feeling drained of strength in life is quite normal for a migraine sufferer. Even now the number one factor for the cause of migraine is considered to be stress in certain sectors. Despite this opinion by many, the true cause of migraine remains unknown even thought the market place has numerous remedies.

Some believe that migraines are hereditary and while they are a disease of the mind, they have very real symptoms to the sufferer. Studies in humans and rats build a powerful case in what humans need to do in order to be successful in stopping their migraine attacks is to treat them before their pain-processing brain cells have become sensitized. Drugs such as the Triptan group can be administered at anytime during a migraine attack as has been shown when tried on humans as well as rats. Drugs like this have dual effect as they can help prevent the migraine as well as the frequency of attacks.

Migraine symptoms aren't just about a throbbing headache along one side of the head but regular sufferers also feel sick, hate light and don't sleep very well. The pain of a classic migraine headache (migraine with aura) is described as an intense throbbing or pounding felt in the forehead-temple, ear-jaw or around the eyes.

It is not just a pain that is an inconvenience; people that suffer from intense migraines cannot even go to work or carry out any daily routine task. The Lancet medical journal highlighted a correlation between dairy and wheat foods and a migraine reduction of eighty five percent in sufferers when these foods were avoided. This aspect is also highlighted by alternative therapists who have seen the association with food allergies causing a constriction of the arteries in the brain causing a dilation of muscular scalp arteries.

Magnets have also been known to help by stimulating hormones in the body and so because of this action that magnets are believed to be useful in prevention as well as a remedy. One of the first migraine prevention techniques was to increase the amount of riboflavin the migraine victim required as riboflavin is part of the energy producing process for the body and scientists observed that migraine sufferers had faulty energy production in their brain cells.

There are a number of alternative and homeopathic treatments recommended for either warding off or getting rid of migraines, although no one can say for any degree of certainty that they work a high percentage of the time or even for a large number of migraine sufferers.

This is one of those situations where you will probably find what works for you after trying a few different remedies. may help the doctor determine what triggers your attacks and an answer to preventing them in the future.

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