John Cummuta Will It Work?

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John Cummuta offers a downloadable Transferring Debt into Wealth Book for $39.95 and if you aren't satisfied for any reason within a year he will pay your $39.95 back plus another $39.95. John Cummuta Transferring Debt Into Wealth will however ask you to write a personal descriptive letter/email to explain why you were not satisfied with his product. Here is what one person has to say about John Cummuta's money back guarantee;

January 18, 2008 Linda R from Virginia. "I ordered a John Cummuta Debt Into Wealth CD from the radio but I had to go out of town and got busy for the next few weeks. Needless to say the 30 days lapsed and when I called today I was told I could not cancel because I was beyond the 30 days. I told them I no longer wanted this service and I was informed that I could not return the product and that I would continue to be charged the monthly rate for 4 more months! I did not want the service, but no dice. The best they could do was to eliminate the last monthly charge-big deal. I have not even opened up any of the folders. I am tempted to call or notify Clark Howard. Has anyone else had this experience?"

Hey what happened to that 1-year money back guarantee? This kind of blows that out of the water. Lets see what else people have to say about him.

November 4, 2005 Frank A. from California. "After ordering John Cummutas program Debt Into Wealth in May, I never received the product. However his company continued to pull out 5 payments at a cost of $80 dollars per month. I call his company and they gave me a phone number to call. After calling the customer service department and speaking to the most rude survive rep. who stated to me that they were not going to give my money back and that the package was delivered to me by FedEx at a time that I am not home from work."

John Cummuta calls this Transforming Debt into Wealth because it does just that, it transfers money from your account into John Cummuta's account Presto, no more debt. For John Cummuta.

March 12, 2008 John P. from Providence, RI "I downloaded the Turning Debt Into Wealth program and listened to all the audio. The system makes complete sense and would probably set off a light bulb in your head. Although, I did get a call from Prosper Learning shortly after and they wanted me to purchase a mentoring program from them for $8,000 to $14,000 dollars. I could not believe it; what a scam! Legal I'm sure.

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