Libertarian Action Hub Launched

By Jim Lam

Former and future web blogger Artus Register has organized a new website focusing on libertarian action. The freedom activist insists, however, that his site is unique, and is not just another blog for libertarian types to sit around and bitch about the issues.

"The point of this is action-something the freedom movement has been sorely lacking," Register says.

While admitting that many new sites and organizations allegedly committed to freedom have popped up in the wake of the Ron Paul Revolution, Register says the new organization, Liberty's Torch is quite different from the rest.

One huge difference is the top to bottom management, which is a sort of 3 level hierarchy containing libertarian worker ants, state and local coordinators, and project leaders. The first goal, we hear often, is to "change the conversation."

The site's stated plans are beyond ambitious, and includes stopping the automotive industry bailout, eliminating state power through the often misunderstood tool of jury nullification, and bringing a quick close to the Iraq war. As lofty as these goals are, they are made easier, says Register by something he calls conjunctive effort.

"The state isn't the only enemy of liberty. Our own bigotry hurts us as much as anything.

"Gun rights supporters think pot smokers are the devil's henchmen, and gays are Satan himself. Inversely, many civil libertarians think all gun guys are survivalist Klansmen in secret militias who want to Lavay government buildings. People whose rights are being destroyed by a leviathan government need to stand together and fight back."

Through conjunctive effort, the group wants to reach out to other groups who share their position, be it on taxes, weapons, the drug war, or other issue.

"A large group of people clearly has a much better chance of slaying a beast, than just a few people."

Liberty's Torch is currently seeking writers, planners, and directors and grunts for organization, motivation, recruiting, fund raising, letter writing, phone call campaigns, etc. Those interested are asked to contact Liberty's Torch at

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