New Jersey: The New Meaning Of Outdoor Adventure

By Alix Montoya

Thinking of an outdoor adventure near home? Why not try the Garden State? When it comes to adventures of the nature kind, New Jersey has some exciting finds to offer. It gives you and your family the same enjoyment without having to travel half way across the country. Whatever your taste for adventure is, New Jersey's diverse ecological wonders are sure to tickle your fancy.

You can try the ten mile long island between the historical Barnegat Bay and the amazing Atlantic and get your fix of sunset picnics on the beach or hitch a ride on the back of a dolphin with your snorkels. The Island Beach State Park boasts more than three thousand acres of pure beach adventures and activities for saltwater fishing trips or just overall family fun.

The diverse New Jersey wildlife offers many species of birds, not for hunting, but for bird watching. The great birding sites all over the Atlantic Flyway offers an excellent view of our fine feathered friends. So whether you're looking for northern diamondback terrapins or just enjoying the sight of herons and shore birds, these sites are a sight for sore eyes.

If you're itching for nature, the Garden State has plenty of protected wildlife reserves, national parks and camping grounds like Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, to give you your fix for natural activities, or just offer you a breath of fresh air. Outdoor enthusiasts are sure to find what they're looking for in New Jersey.

When it starts snowing, you what that means. Skiing! So get your skis and head on out to the rolling mountains and ski resorts all abundant in New Jersey's adventure capital. Or just compete for salmons with the bears and fly fish your way to the record books during salmon season. The faded trails offer a great path to follow in your mountain bikes and take a breath of fresh New Jersey air.

Lying between two bustling metropolis, New Jersey is not just your average center for commerce with a great service economy. Just look a little closer and you'll find that this little state has more to offer adventurers than what meets the eye.

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