Nicholas Cage's Other Career

By Kasey Morton

Most people don't think that Nicholas Cage is a great actor. That's because most people think of him as the star of such high-class fare as Ghost Rider and National Treasure. But this man has done other work that you may not have seen. He's shown real talent and versatility in his other work.

1987 was the magical year where Nicholas Cage came into his own. He gave two performances that in my humble opinion rank as two of my favorite movie characters ever.

The first was his role as H.I. McDonough in Raising Arizona. This early Coen Brothers film may be one of their best, and certainly their funniest. And Cage shows that he really has what it takes to do comedy. His haircut alone is hilarious. His character seems to be the ultimate satire on white trash America.

The second film for which we had to notice Cage was Moonstruck. Cher may have won the Oscar, but Cage steals the show. He plays an Italian baker who loves opera, has a wooden hand, and a broken heart.

In the last decade or so, Cage has given great performances in Adaptation, Leaving Las Vegas, and Matchstick Men. His role in Adaptation is my personal favorite. He plays the screenwriter of the film, struggling with his self-esteem. When I first saw it, I didn't feel as if I was actually watching Nicholas Cage. I felt like I was watching a completely different person.

It's not just my personal opinion that thinks Nicholas Cage is a talented, great actor. His portrayals in Leaving Las Vegas, Adaptation, and Moonstruck earned him Golden Globe nominations. He won the nomination for Leaving Las Vegas. And that is just the small tip of the many acting awards for which he was nominated and have won.

So don't be tempted to rent his latest bad movie the next time you're browsing Netflix. Try his more acclaimed roles and you'll see what I mean.

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