Nip/Tuck Season Five Review

By Josh Connor

If you love Nip/Tuck, you're sure to have anxiously waited for season 5 of the popular show. The season was originally to be 22 episodes, but because of the writers strike, only the first 14 were shown. However, those 14 were explosive and backed full of new twists, new characters, and lots and lots of sex. However, it wasn't all good for the boys and their friends.

The season begins with Christian and Sean moving their practice from Florida to Beverly Hills. As one would expect, there's no lack of need for plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, but theres just one little issue for McNamara/Troy. No one has any idea who they are. To solve this, they bring in publicist Fiona McNeil. She wastes no time in getting them a gig as technical advisors on a television show based on, would you believe it, plastic surgeons!

As they work on Hearts n Scalpels, they meet the executive producer and assorted members of its cast, including Aidan Stone. The soap takes up a good amount of time in the first episodes of this season. While the self-centered, over the top Aidan is extremely entertaining, there are many times when it seems just a bit too much. Maybe it would be OK if we didnt follow some of the shows crew off-set, but we do. When the studio executive in charge of the show heads off to visit a dominatrix to unwind, I wasnt sure if the season was heading the right way or jumping the shark. Worse yet, I wasnt sure if these characters were worth caring about. They and their plots seemed to be designed to shock us, but they didnt do much to round out these new characters or advance the existing characters any further. While the characters did go through a lot, few showed any enduring changes. Even those who split and found new relationships, such as Matt and Kimber, still seemed to be the same people, unchanged by the events happening in their lives.

That is, in fact, is the main problem with season 5, if not the entire show. The characters dont really move forward in development. Christian, in a particular, doesnt really change from his womanizing ways. He continues to jump from woman to woman with little feeling for them, it seems. While this has been the status quo for a few seasons, it seems particularly apparent in season 5.

Of course, the celebrity guests kept coming in season 5, including Rosie O'Donnell, Jennifer Coolidge, and Jai Rodriguez. In fact, they were sometimes the biggest draw of an episode, and I want to see what big names they pull in for season 6. The season cliffhanger, as well, does make me want to watch the next season, if only the beginning, to see if any storylines are resolved. Overall, while it was a disappointment, Nip Tuck is still an intriguing show to watch. There are however, only eight episodes scheduled for 2009 (the rest of season 5), so dont expect much for the next year.

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