Pool Exercises Build Muscle

By Caleb Lee

Pools can be a great way to switch up your exercises, but how to these exercises build muscle?

In a pool, muscle will not be built fast, however, it will increase your ability to gain muscle by building your joints, giving you a small body workout, and making you flexible.

Your joints are crucial for lifting weights, cardio, or any kind of exercise. Swimming will be beneficial in providing your body the chance to build its joint strength for once, instead of only your muscles. This will in turn provide more strength, room for muscle building improvements, and less room for injuries.

Swimming is good for your body and a small workout; however, using it in place of main workouts should not be the case. Adding it once a week into your workout is good. If you use it as a regular workout, the cold water will start making your body distribute your fat differently, with more being sent to your skin for warmth. This will cause you to lose muscle tone. Once or twice a week is still a good workout in the pool, and won't bring any harm to your muscle program and muscle tone.

Usually, you cannot directly work on your flexibility unless you are stretching or maybe a little in your workouts. While you are in a pool, your flexibility will be put to the test and it will also grow. Having good flexibility will help you to complete harder and heavier lifts and exercises.

Swimming also gives you a chance to get your heart pumping and your lungs racing in a low stress environment. This is beneficial to your health as it expands your lungs and pumps new oxygen into your blood. When you get out of the pool, you will definitely breathe and feel better.

Doing pool exercises build muscle, however it also builds your joints, flexibility and good health.

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