Simple Ways To Experience An Amazingly Real Lucid Dream!

By Colleen Rikke

If you are unfamiliar with the term, a lucid dream is one in which you are aware that you are dreaming. Lucid, of course denotes consciousness. The extent to which you are lucid within your dream depends on how stable the dream is, how much of the dream you can recall upon waking and how much control you have over the course of the dream.

Control over your dream is the most important element of Lucid Dreaming. It is an incredible experience to be in the midst of a dream and to know that you are in fact dreaming. You are in control of everything in your dream and can have any experience you choose to have.

Just consider that for a moment. Lucid Dreaming looks, feels and engages all of your other senses as if it were really happening but you know that you are only dreaming and will be totally safe no matter what you do. This is the kind of virtual reality experience which computer experts can only dream of creating!

More and more people are learning how to use the skill of Lucid Dreaming. Most of us have a Lucid Dream from time to time but just think how wonderful it would be to be able to have a Lucid Dream anytime you want!

Lucid Dreaming gives you the opportunity to have any experience that you can think of. You can meet anyone you ever wanted to, visit other planets, have unbridled erotic experiences, speak with the loved ones you have lost; anything you can imagine can happen.

Being able to experience Lucid Dreaming on a regular basis is something which used to take a long time to be able to do. Some people spent months before they could have a Lucid Dream - and some were never able to master the technique.

So are there any simple ways of experiencing a Lucid Dream?

Many people feel that particular foods can encourage or induce a lucid dream. You should try these immediately before going to sleep. Orange Juice, Milk and Cheese and also Mustard have been reported as being good things to consume for the best results.

Also recommended by some are ice cream, popcorn, pickles and fish. Some people say that these foods are ideal for preparing your mind for Lucid Dreaming - but of course, many of these are high in salt and fat, which isn't very conducive to a good night's sleep.

Can Technology Be Of Assistance?

New technologies can make it somewhat easier to experience Lucid Dreaming. There are devices which can help to stimulate you to have Lucid Dreams such as eyeshades and sleep masks which activate a LED when rapid eye movements are detected. This light reminds you that you are dreaming; letting you take control of the dream!

Another of the new developments is an audio technology known as binaural beats. Different frequencies are played in each ear of the listener; this has been found to be helpful in achieving Lucid Dreams.

Binaural frequencies help to synchronize the hemispheres of your brain - listening to them helps the brain to reach REM sleep, which is the necessary state for Lucid Dreaming.

If you have always wanted to try Lucid Dreaming for yourself, binaural sound presents the quickest and easiest way to begin.

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