Think Cooperation, Not Competition

By William Blake

Those of us with competitive natures are always competing for everything. We even compete to be the most competitive. Our thoughts are always about 'winning' or 'losing'.

There really isn't one thing wrong with wanting to win a competition. The trick is telling the difference between a competitive event and an event where the prize is gained by cooperation rather than through competition.

You see, when you are engaging in a competition, there is always a goal or a finish line. If you are playing a game of chess, for example, the object is to 'check-mate', if you are playing football the object is to get more points than the over team in a limited amount of time. Internet marketing, however, does not come with a finish line. There is no time limit and the game is never over.

The objective of internet marketing is self propelling in a sense. It wants to move itself forward. Internet marketing works best when discovering and implementing new ways to improve internet marketing. Cooperation is the best method for achieving this rather than competition.

Everybody puts their shoulder to the wheel, so to speak, and pushes in unison in order to achieve the collective goal which is to move internet marketing forward. The joint effort is better for everybody concerned because everybody benefits.

As a natural competitor it becomes a case of seeing who can cooperate more than their competition. Who is able to help their customers more, whose customers are making more money and having more success than their competitors customers.

The only way competition can help cooperation is by making us reach out to help others more quickly than our competitors. This is the only way to be successful at internet marketing.

There are more than enough customers out there for all of us. When one of us benefits, the rest will experience that benefit as cooperation spreads the word on the latest innovations within the industry.

Leading on from this is my next point. Stop blaming the Guru's..

How many people have you met who always have an excuse for their own failures? 9 out of 10 times their failure was caused by someone other than themselves. You know what I mean.

Sad story after sad story, one thing becomes apparent. They were the victims in this failed business and it really wasn't their fault. Baloney. Life exists in a causal relationship. Choice = Consequence. Bad choice = Bad consequence and obviously Good choice = Good consequence. Failed business' are the result of poor decision making and we are always responsible for our decisions.

When a business fails it can be for a whole multitude of reasons, none of which can be blamed on others. Several internet entrepreneurs have spoken to me and have blamed the failure of their internet businesses on whichever 'Internet Guru' they happened to have been listening to at the time.

These people tell anyone who will listen that the failure of their internet business was not their fault and that a 'guru' was responsible for the failure by selling them products that they didn't need and that they ended up receiving so much email that they couldn't get their work done.

The thing is that when any successful internet marketer ('guru') offers products to his list, he isn't forcing anyone to take up his offer. He is merely offering the product, and highlighting the benefits. Each customer makes a choice about whether to purchase the product or not.

These offers are intended to help everyone on their list but the reality is that the products won't suit each and every person. That doesn't mean the product is no good, it's merely an indication of the diversity of business models represented in his list.

Every one of us is responsible for our own business. We should know our business well enough to know whether a particular product will help or hinder our progress. Sometimes we don't know until we try. Sometimes there is risk, but it's up to us to manage it so that we limit the effects of a bad outcome. That is effective decision making and risk assessment.

It isn't an order that you must is only a suggestion. The decisions about your business are always up to you and you alone.

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