Unemployment At New Highs, Health Care Careers Available

By Linda Kay

Unemployment is expected to hit 8% in the spring of 2009. The is a conservative estimate. While many people consider career changes at various points in their lives, many will be forced into that dilemma very soon.

The biggest problem with health care positions is deciding which career is the best fit. Medical jobs are always plentiful. While many will seek to be retrained into different career paths, some people already possess the skill set to enter a booming industry.

Most have heard of the nursing shortage. While entering the nursing profession would require additional education, many other possibilities exist. Transitioning from a business office to health care administration is not nearly as difficult as you may think.

Practically all areas of health care are potential landing places for displaced workers. Medical Coding and billing careers are available for anyone who has an eye for detail and can accurately transcribe medical reports.

Doctors and hospitals get paid by submitting accurate detailed documentation to insurance companies and a well qualified person is an important component to the success if the facility.

For those willing and able to obtain additional training, positions in radiology or as an MRI Technician are numerous. Once your course work is complete job placement as a MRI technician is easy.

Furthering your education will enhance your chances to become employed in the health care industry. Many colleges offer online courses to help you complete your chosen program.

There is something for everyone in the health care industry. All it takes is a willing person to take the steps necessary to make it happen. In return you will have job security and competitive salary compensation

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