The Alcoholic Truth

By Ed Philips

You may find it hard to believe that being an alcoholic and having an alcohol abuse problem aren't the same condition. Somebody with an alcohol abuse problems is often referred to as a "functioning alcoholic", and they tend to drink excessively as well as suffering from certain health symptoms normally related to alcoholism.

Alcohol abusers often operate under the radar as they appear normal in a crowd. They are clever enough to set their own alcohol intake limits, but their consumption is still much higher than that of what an average social drinker would consume.

On the other hand, alcoholics cannot put a limit on their alcohol consumption due to their addiction to alcohol manifesting itself both mentally and physically. The cycle escalates as the physical and mental addiction needs the alcohol and the alcohol further affects the physical and mental state. Alcoholics often need to drink throughout the day and do so as they can no longer control their need to drink.

Getting to the stage of being alcohol free will take a different path as far as assistance is concerned for each of the previously mentioned cases. Alcohol abusers will need more emotional and psychological assistance but an alcoholic will suffer much more physically and will need help on that side of things as he is taken off alcohol.

Recent studies carried out in universities seem to suggest that the increase in domestic violent acts could be related to alcoholism, although others have stated that the relation with alcohol may be misleading to the facts.

The difficult factor in domestic violence situations is determining if the incident results in alcoholism or is it the alcohol that results in domestic violence. Which ever the case may be, what is indisputable is the presence of alcohol in the equation. Alcohol and domestic disputes are increasing in numbers affecting too many families and homes as often as on a daily basis. The alcoholic can be on both the giving and receiving end of violence and many times all parties involved suffer from alcoholism.

An alcoholic often wears blinders to the issues around them and do not see the truths of the situation. The first step for the alcoholic and their family is to admit that there is a problem because once the problem is admitted it can be dealt with. One idea to work toward this is to have a "family" style discussion toward a more positive future but limit alcohol being the only focus as it can lead to a violent end.

If any of these situations are familiar to you, be it in your own life or in someone else's that you know, the time has come to take action. There are many support groups and organizations available to give you the assistance you or they might need to overcome the alcohol related issues. You can find more information on the truth behind alcohol at the site StopDrinking. With courage and support you can make the first step to an alcohol free future.

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