Exercise Fitness Equipment: Guide to Vibration Toning

By Andrew Cambridge

Choosing exercise fitness equipment is a daunting challenge. Fitness equipment is changing all the time. In most cases, the first thing that people think about when buying equipment exercise fitness equipment is the cost. The brand of the exercise fitness equipment is also an important element in the overall decision.

Some Quick Tips: What are you trying to archive, i.e. lose weight , get fitter etc. Where are you going to use the equipment How often are you going to use the equipment How much do you have to spend Choosing the right type of exercise fitness equipment will ensure fun, results, and safety

Machines for the home There are many machines on the market. One that has got allot of coverage at the moment is the "power plates". There are several manufacturers of the power plate machines. Some machines are a some double and some single plate . There are many advantages of the machine requires little effort to get good results and it doesn't take up a lot of room.

Madonna and the stars use Power Plates The Power Plate is said to be responsible for the incredible bodies of not only Madonna, as well as stars such as Claudia Schiffer and Natalie Imbruglia.

How they work The Body Action power plate differs from the vast majority of other vibration toning exercise fitness equipment as the platform moves across an axis (picture the way that a child's see-saw would move up and down!) As the left side of the plate moves upwards, the right side of the plate moves downwards, and vice versa. Due to this advanced design of the Body Action, head shake is minimized during operation as the hips and pelvis act as the body's natural shock absorber!

What they do for you In 10 minutes without placing high loads on the tendons and joints a Body Action Power Plate sessions offer the following benefits:

Fat reduction Increased muscle strength Improved flexibility Reduced appearance of cellulite Increased range of motion Increased toxin removal Increased bone density Reduced lower back pain Enhanced pain reduction Upper Body Toning Lower Body Toning

"Interestingly, well-controlled vibration may be the cure rather than the cause of lower back pain." - Treatment of Chronic Lower Back Pain with Lumbar Extension and Whole-Body Vibration Exercise; A Randomized Controlled Trial SPINE Journal (2002) 1829-1834

"An equivalent length and intensity of training stimulus can be reached only by performing 150 leg presses or half squats with extra loads of 3 times body weight, twice a week for 5 weeks."Adaptive Responses of Human Skeletal Muscle to Vibration Exposure. C. Bosco, et al; Clin. Physiol. 19 (1999) 2; p183-187

Andrew Sutton writes articles about new Exercise Fitness Equipment for lots of people. His articles have been used on many websites, which he is happy with. Andrew want the world to be a healthier place and using Exercise Fitness Equipment is one of the many ways he hoped to realize that dream.

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