Home Security - Many Helpful Hints

By Mike Holt

Home security protection is an important aspect of home ownership. You have worked hard to achieve what you have and you need to protect your home, your belongings and your family. It has been shown that the majority of burglaries are opportunistic in nature - that is, a thief sees an opportunity and breaks into the house to steal. The most common opportunities are an open window, an unlocked door or a property that is obviously empty.

Here are some basic home security protection measures that you can put in place for little or no cost. Install keyed security locks to all external doors and windows in the house and make sure all are locked when you leave the house.

Don't leave keys "hidden" around the house - the thieves know where to look for hidden keys. Never leave a key in the door. Lock sheds and garages securely.

Thieves are very good at what they do, and they know all the tricks that many householders employ, such as "hiding" a key around the house or yard. There is no truly safe way of doing this.

Home security cameras and CCTV can be installed at the main entry points to the house and yard. These serve to capture the image of anyone who comes to the door, enables you to monitor your property, allows you to see who is at the door before opening it to a potential threat and also lets you monitor your children when they are out in the yard. CCTV is becoming more popular as it has proven to be a deterrent to burglars. Many systems are now available as DIY home security systems that simply plug into your current TV.

Keep trees and bushes trimmed so that there are no places for burglars to hide around your property. Make sure your front door is visible to the street for security. Perhaps the largest area of home security protection is home alarm systems. There are many and varied alarm systems available, and you can make a decision on the best protection for your home and family. The most basic security alarm is the highly visible alarm, strobe light or movement sensor attached to a bright light. When activated, these are visible or audible, and some systems use all three elements. There are DIY home security alarm systems that are simple and quick to install in your home, and there are now wireless option as well.Security companies offer home security monitoring and will supply and fit alarms and security cameras to your home. CCTV is becoming a popular option as they offer a high level of personal security; there are DIY kits that simply plug into your existing TV unit. CCTV and home security cameras offer a good level of security and surveillance for your home and family.

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Great post Mike. Theft is such a big problem that it is better to be safe than sorry. I agree with the CCTVs being a proven way to deter robbers. I know ADT carries them too. They are a very affordable and dependable company. I think it is smart to set up security because you never know when it could be your house.

Nice write up!

Very good write-up on home security issues – thank you. I’d like to let your readers know of a firm offering DIY home security systems – FrontPoint Security (link attached for your reference: http://www.frontpointsecurity.com/specials/slce-1125-StandOutFromCrowd ). I was able to set everything up in 30 minutes – no need for a technician, and no installation fee. I opted for the interactive services, which means that I have videocameras set up around the house (I even get to watch my dog while I’m at work!), and I also receive alerts via SMS text message and email when the system detects potential disruptions. The control panel (it’s portable, by the way – I have mine on a tabletop, but you can mount it on a wall as well) communicates with the central monitoring system via cellular link – so I have no worry about the phone lines going down. In any event, just wanted your readers to know about them – I have had great experiences…great reliability, much more affordable than some of the bigger names, and some of the other DIY companies that I looked at.)

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