How To Plan A Fundraising Event That Will Be Wildly Successful

By Rick Dupont

Have you been given the responsibility for planning a fundraising event, and you need it to be a big success. Well there's no point in hosting a fundraising event that requires you to plan it to the ninth degree if no one will show up, participate and donate, so make sure to dot your i's and cross your t's, and your reward will be a spectacular event.

Working Out What To Do

The first thing that you need to do is to decide what type of fundraising event you are going to host. Will it be a $250 a plate gourmet dinner to raise money for a political candidate? Or a simple "please donate" type of campaign to rally on a local politician? Or will it be for your local school, with a $5 a family "Harvest Festival" to raise money for more library books? Or will it be part of an ongoing campaign of selling scrip to local stores where the school gets a percentage of sales? Maybe you will have an online fundraising campaign, using electronic payments? You make the call. You know the cause and organization that you wish to support? what is the best fundraising event to plan?

Drumming Up Support From Your Community

The key thing to take into account when fundraising event is to keep overhead as low as possible, so that the organization can keep more of the money, for there cause.

A good way of reducing costs is if it will be a local event; try to garner support within your community for your event. Perhaps your local supermarket will be willing to donate food items for a raffle or fundraising dinner for breast canner awareness week.

If so, wonderfuol! Be sure to let attendees know who was kind enough to support your cause with a donation ? the good will can go a long, long, ways.

When it comes to where to stage your event, it may be possible to get a hotel to give you a discount on that ballroom, since you're taking the larger room with AV instead of the smaller room, and since it is for a good cause ? it can't hurt to ask! Be aware that most businesses will want to see a flyer or something like that shows information about the event.

How To Get The Right People To Show Up

You have to ask yourself who cares about your cause and will attend, friends and families in your community, prominent local figures and politicians? Whoever you decide upon be sure to invite them. Another handy hint is to include the local press on your guest list, if you want media attention for your cause. You can even plan your fundraising event so that the media attention can have an ongoing benefit to your organization ? perhaps the media will let the public know where to send their donations toward your cause.

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