Natural Food for Dogs: No Better way to Show Love for Your Pet,

By Miranda Concagh

Many pet owners are unhappy with the choices of dog food available in the markets today and are turning instead to making their own natural food for dogs. One reason for this is their concern for the quality of the dog food being offered on their grocer's shelves. Another is the constant and well-publicized recalls they're hearing about on the nightly news.

Lets face it - pet owners are scared. But they are also concerned about good nutrition and avoiding the preservatives and fillers found in most of the commercial dog foods out there today. The logical solution is to look to natural food for dogs just as we look to natural foods to feed our families.

Yes, not only will Rover enjoy many health benefits but you will benefit also. The word on the street is that pet owners are finding it just plain fun to create their own natural food for dogs. If you find the idea as scary as feeding them the standard fare off the grocer's shelfs, you can relax. Creating healthy meals for your dog can be simple if you follow just the rules listed below.

*Remember - Max needs a diet consisting of at least 40 percent meat, 30 percent vegetables and 30 percent starch. You can't go wrong if you keep this well-balanced formula in mind when preparing Ruff's meals.

*Do watch the sales. People who make natural food for dogs watch the weekly grocery ads. Many recommend Costco or Sams for bulk meats and other ingredients for making natural food for dogs.

*People who make natural food for dogs rely heavily on the weekly grocery ads, as well as Costco or Sam's Club for their bulk meats and other ingredients. So DO watch those sales.

*Be organized. Prepare Skippy's meals at the same time you prepare your family meals. Just mix a little extra of that turkey loaf or those burgers so Marley can enjoy them also. Keep in mind that dogs like variety so when making natural food for dogs, throw an egg in to moisten it, a few veggies for balanced nutritioin, or a tablespoon of olive oil (great for Toto's coat). And poke whatever nutritional supplements you give him into the center of the concoction. He'll never be the wiser!

*Make it a family affair. Give the kids the satisfaction of knowing they are personally making a contribution to Old Blue's health.

Give your "best friend" the best that you can give him. Making natural food for dogs is an act of love. Your four-leglged friend will ove you all the more as he enjoys the positive results of your labors - a long, healthy life, a shiny coat and boundless energy.

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