Score Dirt Cheap Tickets to New York

By Mary Bush

The weak U.S. dollar has made it very easy for European travelers to find some great deals on airfare to New York City - arguably one of the best tourist destinations on the planet. You can get cheap airline tickets to New York from London, Paris and almost every major city in Europe, making this a perfect time to finally make that trip to New York City.

Shopping, restaurants and theater are just a few of the things that make New York an awesome tourist destination. Many people have dreams of one day visiting the Big Apple and with the dirt cheap airline tickets available now you can make your dream come true.

Airlines are competing with each other to rake in the Euros and pounds from Europe's travelers and they have their sights set on New York's tourist passengers. Combine this competition with a dollar that hasn't been this weak in decades and you've got the perfect storm for Europe's tourism crowd.

Follow these five tips to get a cheap ticket to New York and have the holiday of your life.

1. Don't travel during the peak seasons of summer and Christmas. You'll find the best ticket prices from February until April and again from September until mid-November. Take advantage of these off peak times for the cheaper airline tickets available.

2. Besides avoiding peak seasons avoid the peak days of the week for travel. Airfare is very different on different days of the week. Early morning and late night flights are also cheaper as they are less traveled. Keep both these facts in mind when looking for dirt cheap airline tickets to the Big Apple.

3. Plan you trip and book tickets at least two weeks in advance. Many times you'll find that tickets purchased in advance will be cheaper. The airlines regularly raise their prices beginning 2-3 weeks prior to the flight. By booking several months in advance you can secure your tickets at the very lowest prices.

4. Look into the different NYC airports to find bargain tickets. New York has three International airports, La Guardia, Newark and JFK, and the prices to each can be quite different. If you don't have a reason to fly into a specific airport you should definitely research the price differences between the three. You could end up saving a couple hundred Euro in the process.

5. Watch ticket prices to determine the trends. Even if you've already booked your ticket you should keep an eye on the prices as some travel agents will credit you the difference should a price decrease after you've purchased. You could knock an additional 10% off already cheap airline tickets this way.

If you've always dreamed of visiting New York then there's no better time than now. The dollar isn't likely to continue declining forever and oil prices will only increase the ticket prices. Take your high priced Euros and pounds and take the trip of a lifetime because ticket prices won't stay this dirt cheap forever.

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