Sinus Problems

By Keith Markensen

Don't you hate waking up in the morning to congestion, runny noses, and such? I do too. Most likely it's allergies that are causing this problem. Sometimes, though, it's not. It might get blamed on allergies, but sometimes it's something much closer to home. Dust and particles floating around your house could be the real culprit.

If you're not keeping your windows thrown wide open all year long, you're house has buildup that can cause particles which irritate your sinuses. These constant barrage of particles and junk floating in the air takes its toll on your sinuses, especially during the deep breathing of sleep.

So how do you prevent this? Home air filters are the easiest way and can be quite effective if used properly. These great little machines will pull air into them, filter out the bad stuff, and emit only clean, breathable air afterwards. They're great!

Not only do they clean the air, purifying it and clearing most of the particles and ugliness out of it, but they also clear a lot of the floating dust particles from the air too. This means your furniture and house will look much cleaner with less effort from you. Added bonus!

You, your pets, and your family are all shedding skin, hair, and more all day every day. Sounds ugly, but it's true. These tiny flakes of skin fall to the ground, onto furniture, etc. and worse, make a place for "dust mites" to live. Many people are allergic to dust mites and don't even know it. Nor are they aware that the mites live in their homes.

Air filters won't cure this, but they sure will cut down on it. Vacuuming and cleaning or using hepa filters regularly will do the rest. While you can't eliminate dust mites from your home one hundred percent, you can cut them down to numbers so small they're insignificant.

As soon as you start using an air filter, you'll see results that will make you feel better about your home. In a few days, your sinus problems will be gone for good and you'll feel healthier and happier. Over time, you'll also see that your dust is lower, requiring less cleaning from you, and more!

Air filters are a great addition and no home should be without one.

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