Truth About Shih Tzu Breeding

By Rebecca Simpson

When a lot of people think of breeding dogs, the first thought that seems to come into everyone's mind is that of money. There seems to be a lot of money that is being made by dog breeders, especially for those who are into Shih Tzu breeding.

When profit is the bottom line, the Shih Tzu care is often neglected. It is vital to make sure that you are in it for the right reasons, even though the dollar amount you can make is pretty flashy.

If you truly love getting involved with Shih Tzu care and want to help others receive healthy and loved puppies, then you may be on the right path. Sharing your passion and love with others is an excellent reason to get involved with Shih Tzu breeding. When starting out, in order to ease into things, you will want to start out with just one pair of adult Shih Tzu's in order to be able to place all of your focus and attention on them.

When thinking about breeding your dogs, you should consider Shih Tzu care. Are you able to testify that you truly know the medical and emotional background of your breeding pair?

If the adult dogs you intend to breed were just recently brought into your home, you may want to think about keeping them around long enough so that you really get to know them before beginning any breeding.

With the adult dogs, you need to know about the current health of your breeding pair along with any possible health conditions that they suffered in the past. It is extremely important that you begin your breeding with a healthy set of parents in hopes that this will better your chances at getting healthy puppies, although there is never a guarantee. If the adult Shih Tzus in your home are new to your family, consider not breeding them for about a year so you can better evaluate their temperament and health. Before beginning any breeding, make sure your local vet checks them out.

Know that you are ready to begin with Shih Tzu breeding; you want to create a safe environment for your dogs to breed and live during the entire process. It is generally best with this breed to keep them indoors and this is what you will find many other people who breed them doing. While under your care you must make sure that the adult dogs remain healthy by giving them proper diets and even possibly vitamins that your vet may suggest.

Once your female Shih Tzu has produced pups, her care does not end there. She still requires healing time both for her mental and physical health. Puppy mills will often turn right around and try to breed that female right away. This is not safe for her or her future pups. Just as humans need time to recover, so do dogs. Understand that Shih Tzu breeding is an emotional journey and do not be alarmed if you notice your female acting distant or protective of her pups. The best thing you can do to prepare yourself is to read as much Shih Tzu information as possible.

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