Can Anyone Try Lucid Dreaming?

By Trevor Albitt

Sometimes known as conscious dreaming, lucid dreaming is the art of keeping self aware and knowing that one is dreaming while in a dream. This includes being conscious that the events unfolding around you are only part of the dream and being able to exercise control over the dream. All of this is possible for the person who has learned how to use lucid dreaming.

Being able to control the course of your dreams is nothing less than a life-changing, liberating experience. All things that you felt could hold you back in life just melt away and you are in control of every situation.

But is it as simple as it looks like? Can everyone experience lucid dreaming and bring to life what otherwise seems difficult or impossible in this reality?

As it happens, lucid dreaming is not all that difficult. If you really want to use this technique to tap into the power of your mind, you can do so. There are proven ways to get you to your goal.

You need to know what you hope to achieve through lucid dreaming. Are you after something specific which can help you with other areas of your life, or do you just want to turn your dreams into a playpen of the imagination? Whatever your reason for wanting to learn lucid dreaming, know your goal and be determined to reach it.

Next you have to learn the actual techniques of lucid dreaming. The first step is to learn the process of Dream Recall, which is exactly what it sounds like. You need to begin practicing remembering your dreams in detail. This is a step on the road towards lucid dreaming.

The process is slow, but it can be achieved by maintaining a Dream Recall Register in which you enter as many details as you can remember about your dreams daily. Slowly but surely, you'll realize that you can remember even the most vivid details of your dreams. Periodic reality checks during the course of dreaming will train your mind to be aware in dreams.

For a lot of people, hypnosis helps them to prepare their mind for lucid dreaming much more quickly. Sometimes, as few as one or two sessions may be needed to get you being able to recall all of your dreams every day. Once you can do this, you are ready to begin trying lucid dreaming.

You will find at first that you sometimes will awake suddenly during lucid dreams. This is normal. Just recall the events of your dream as you try to fall back asleep and attempt to reenter the dream, steering in the direction that you want it go.

Lucid dreaming can also be accomplished by waking up early, then going back to sleep for a few hours. These dreams are the easiest to turn into lucid dreams. You may wonder if you were really dreaming, or just lying in bed thinking! You can simply set an alarm to wake you a few hours earlier than usual, then reset your alarm and go back to sleep; and lucid dreaming.

In this regard, it's extremely useful to keep track of your sleeping patterns so as to discover the best time to have lucid dreams.

Lucid dreaming can help people with insomnia and other sleep disorders. If you have trouble sleeping, just tell yourself "Sleeping equals lucid dreaming" and your subconscious mind will help you become free of the thoughts keeping you awake.

Up until recently learning the art of lucid dreaming was a time consuming process. However recent advances in sound technologies have made things drastically easier for anyone to experience lucid dreaming.

One of the quickest and most reliable methods of inducing lucid dreaming is to listen to binaural beats audio.

Binaural beats audio is the playing of frequencies which are slightly different from each other, one in each ear. This causes a feeling of deep relaxation and brings brain waves into the proper state for lucid dreaming.

Before binaural audio technology, meditation was the method of choice for those wanting to learn lucid dreaming, and this was a process which could sometimes take years to master. Many simply gave up, not having the determination to pursue the practice.

Particularly in conjunction with hypnotherapy, binaural sound waves can get your mind ready for lucid dreaming, sometimes as early as your first attempt!

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