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By Peggy Flemmer

Cool Checks to make sense of the times you are living in. If you live in a deflationary time or inflationary time the consequences are as dire as if you live in inflationary times. Often consumers are confused as to what economic times they are living in.

Deflationary times means it costs less to buy goods and services. The purchasing power of the dollar increases and is able to buy more.

Opposite of inflation is deflation and with deflation, most assets decline in value. You see the state of value of your home decline in value as well as gasoline. Corporate equities, mutual fund shares, insurances and pension reserves and equity in non corporate business decline.

The value of the buck goes up in a deflationary environment. Quite the opposite of an inflationary environment.

When the value of the dollar goes up in the United States inevitably it goes up against other currencies. When the dollar buys more, its cost is rising and acts like a magnet.

Everything is costing less. The cost of a particular currency has nothing to do with how their economy is doing. The value of a currency is base on how it compares with other currencies. You can't evaluate a currency in isolation.

When goods and services cost less, you're living in a deflationary environment. The United States Dollar buys more and the cost of the U.S. dollar abroad increases also.

Regardless of what times you live in, getting good value for your money helps you live better. You can buy really cool checks at Checks that will stretch your budget dollar and offer an abundance of choices.

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