Review of Lexington Law Firm

By John Cooper

Lexington Law is headquartered out of Salt Lake City, Utah. They are a credit repair firm.

There are 400 employees 22 of which are credit lawyers. They have been operating for over 17 years and have served 1/2 million people. They dispute negative items on your credit.

Is it legal?

Yes, this is legal and credit repair is your responsibility. The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to dispute any item that you feel in inaccurate on your credit. Also this law says that any item that is not verified must be erased by the credit bureaus.

How will it work?

You must forward a copy of your credit report from each bureau to Lexington. You also must tell them what items you feel are not accurate.

Lexington will then send a dispute letter of your behalf to each credit bureau. Then you will be notified from the bureaus if the item has been verified by the creditor of if they removed it from your report. You then send this update to Lexington.

How long is it going to take?

This will vary depending upon how many items you wish to dispute. However you should expect a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months.

How much is it going to cost.

They offer three levels of service, and you will be responsible to pay an account set up fee of $99. The prices on the services are; $39, $59, and $79.

Can't I do this myself?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to if you have minor damage to your report. To dispute a listing yourself you must create a dispute letter and mail it directly to the credit bureaus.

Once the bureaus get your letter they will investigate. They will contact the creator of the negative item and ask them to verify the account, the dates of delinquency, and the balance. If the account can not be verified then the bureaus must remove the item from your credit.

What else can I do to improve my score?

We suggest you open a revolving line of credit. By making on time monthly payments you will create a positive payment history. This is weighted almost as much as negative items on your report when your score is calculated.

In sum by building a positive payment history and removing negative marks you will be able to improve your score.

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