More Sweet Sixteen Ideas

By Tia Kaylor

So you're beginning the initial stages of planning your sweet sixteen birthday but you have no clue as to what you can do for it? Well, this is your lucky day because you have discovered gold with this amazing article that will give you more sweet sixteen ideas than you imagined.

Many teenagers get stuck right away on trying to find a idea that is pleasing to them. After all, your sweet sixteen birthday will revolve entirely around the theme.

First things first is to make that theme decision. is it going to be a splendid theme; like that of a masquerade ball? Maybe you want a medieval theme. Either would invite the guests to wear ball gowns or appropriate attire?

An extremely rare idea is to throw an all white sweet sixteen party. Most of your friends haev read about P. Diddy and his annual Labor Day White Parties. This will for most; be their first one and they will welcome the idea of decking out in all white.

Another casual and budget friendly sweet sixteen idea would be a Guitar Hero or Rock Band theme. Many of your friends will find this theme to be pleasurable and easy for them put together a costume with. In fact, they probably wouldn't have to spend a dime on their outfit. Most of their outfit pieces are probably awaiting them in their very own closet.

A great outdoor theme idea would be a Luau. you can easily put a twist on this theme by making it a "Survivor Island" theme. Survivor what? What I mean is you can incorporate Survivor like party games. What fun this sweet sixteen idea could be for all?!

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