Wii Remote Accessories: Best of the Best

By Breakaway

You're lucky if you own a Wii, because many people still can't find Wiis for sale. You get to enjoy Wii Sports while others can't, but you still want more. Find out which Wii Accessories are the best ones to buy to accompany your Nintendo Wii.

One of the first accessories you should get is a Wii Wheel. The wheels for the Wii Remote are awesome. The Wii remote already functions as a steering wheel my moving it side to side. So, adding the steering wheel accessory helps to add a more authentic feel to any of the awesome Wii racing games.

Another great Wii remote accessory is a Wii battery charger. Since you love your Wii so much , you've probably noticed that you're going through batteries like crazy. Since the Wii Remote is wireless, it uses up batteries extremely quick.

They do sell battery packs that can be recharged though. Buying one of these chargers allows you to charge up those remotes whenever you aren't playing Wii anymore. Don't just go out and buy a charger though, not all of them are too good, so make sure you do your due diligence.

One of my favorite Wii accessories are the boxing gloves. They are great for the Wii Boxing game, and other boxing games for the Wii, because the remotes slip right into the gloves. You can feel like a real boxer while beating up your friends and family on the screen.

Star Wars fans are going to love this. Lightsabres are here for the Wii! Live out the fantasy you've had about using a lightsabre ever since you first saw Star Wars. Now you can use the force, right at home for the Wii! Choose between the most real looking ones, or cheaper looking ones that are still pretty fun.

What is a Wii accessories list without a mention of the awesome Wii Guns! There are tons of Wii shooting games to use the Wii guns for. There are also many different kinds of Wii guns, including crossbows, shot guns, and your regular old wii pistol.

Interested in more Wii Remote Accessories? Why not head on over to the site in my author bio, and check out some of the other wii remote accessories. There are sports packs, classic controllers, and of course Wii remote skins.

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