Considerations when Choosing Free Web Hosting

By Theodore Metagastar

There are many options available to us these days for free web hosting. Before you leap into a free hosting site there are things to consider. Building and promoting a website takes time, and you can lose many good features by choosing the wrong host.

Think about the purpose of your website. Do you want community? Want to stay in touch with your friends? Then you should check out Facebook and Myspace. These sites are social networking sites. There are many of these sites operating today, so check with your friends to see where they are already hosted.

Having an online photo album is another good reason to start a website. There are many photo posting resources available these days, such as Flicker.

One consideration when choosing a free web space is the options available. There will likely be limits as to the templates and backgrounds available, as well as add on features.

If you are interested in displaying Adsense advertisements and possibly generate a little revenue to support your website then you might consider Blogspot. This site is owned by Google, and they do allow Adsense ad blocks to be shown on these sites.

One of the disadvantages of a free web space is the name of your website. Though you will have a little creative latitude on a portion of the name, it will always contain your free web space domain name as well. One example of this is The host domain is blogspot, with the subdomain atravel-adventure.

If you are dead set on having your own domain name, one like, , you will need to arrange for a hosting service, which steps you out of the free hosting level into paid hosting. The great thing about paid hosting is that you can host multiple sites and will have greater latitude in what features you can have for your site. Your own site can be set up with basic html pages, or use a content management system, which we will discuss in our next article.

One thing for sure, if you find that your free web space is not going to give you all the features you would like, you can always change to another site. Youre not out any money, just your time. You can keep your free site up and running and link to your new site.

One of the advantages of having a free web space is storage of your photo and ideas. Having an offsite storage place for your memories can save a lot of heartache in the event of a computer crash.

There is no doubt about it, free web space hosting is the way to go for that starter website. Either way, your voice will be heard through your words and picture, or literally though MP3 files on your site.

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