Cyprus Increases Its Investor Appeal

By Tim Martins

An island rich in ancient history and with almost unparalleled beauty, Cyprus has long proven popular with holidaymakers from around the world. Averaging more than 300 days of sunshine each year, and offering a number of superb beaches scattered along its coastline, it is easy to see why so many people have fallen in love with Cyprus.

Prominent holiday home investment markets such as North Cyprus produce high return benefits of approximately 4-5% per year for the coming ten years. This sort of revenue returns are set to stay for the foreseeable future, meaning North Cyprus will retain a stable economy and growth will continue in positive territory.

Even though North Cyprus has been popular with holiday home investors for quite a few years now, the increase in developments on the island has also continued, keeping up with the an increasing high demand. There are a whole bunch of determining factors that have helped to make this healthy investment environment possible. Favorable fiscal conditions, a high standard of living and a booming tourist industry and today's holiday home investors are not only finding North Cyprus to be a winning choice, but a European leader in property investment.

Apart from an increase in North Cyprus as a leading tourist resort, there are also other factors that in recent times have lead to more favourable holiday home investment opportunities. Without a doubt the membership of Cyprus into the European Union has resulted in an increase in trade with it's European partners, a thriving economy, a higher standing of living, lower taxation and a better legal system have all played their part in promoting holiday home investments within North Cyprus.

The futures investment market is gleaming due to the credible reunification of the North and South of the island, as even more holiday home investment opportunities will come onto the market, as holiday home prices in the Turkish North are even cheaper than those in the south of the island. Current dialogue should unfold a final re-unification of Cyprus, so potential holiday home investors should watch out for the resulting political events in North Cyprus.

Already there are an increasing number of high quality projects being developed throughout the north of the island, and destinations including Catalkoy and Bogaz are already proving popular investment choices. Should re-unification be confirmed, this development process is likely to gather pace considerably, with prices in the north increasing to equal levels currently found throughout the south of the island.

As things begin to get complicated due to the global financial crisis, investors have tough decisions to make regarding objectives and returns, but Cyprus is without a doubt a property investors paradise. Mark Burns, who works for, a real estate company based in the UK that specializes in off-plan investment property throughout the world's emerging markets, offers a whole range of off-plan property on the island of Cyprus.

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