Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

By Alice Sy

Did you know that the marquise design of diamond rings is believed to originate in France as far back as the 18th century?

King Louis XIV asked jewelers to design a unique shape of a diamond that is similar to the sultry way his then mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour smiles. This shape of diamond is slender and elongated with ends that are pointed much like the lips.

More and more couples today prefer the marquise diamond engagement ring because of its practicality, it is more affordable than the round or oval cut diamond. If you want to have a less conventional cut diamond, this is the right choice.

The shape of the marquise diamond engagement ring may be deceiving, since it is elongated; it seems larger and heavier than its actual carat size.

Just like the radiant cut diamond engagement ring, the marquise diamond engagement ring is cut in a multifaceted way and appears to have a bow-tie effect when light reflects on it. It produces an effect of dancing lights and radiates in the sun. And this characteristic adds for its popularity for engagement rings.

The proportion of the marquise diamond engagement ring varies, but the gem experts and jewelers say that the perfect proportion for this type of ring is that width should be the same length as its height that achieves a more prominent and radiant bow-tie effect.

For practical and aesthetic reasons, instead of having the marquise diamond engagement ring to be a solitaire diamond, you can add other precious gems or stones or have it in bridal set engagement ring. This way you can have the manifestation of having a larger diamond stone intricately designed that looks expensive.

The marquise diamond engagement ring is perfect for any woman, it actually flatters the fingers because of its cut, making the fingers seem elongated and elegant.

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