Do I Need To Use an Adware Spyware Uninstaller and Virus Cleaner?

By Ed Lathrop

In the last few years, spyware has become very sophisticated. The sick people who write this software, do so to steal information about you. They are out to get your social security number, passwords, banking information and more! Viruses are another concern and although they don't spy on you they can get so deeply into your hard drive, only a reformat will make it usable again!

Most people do have software installed on their computer that deals with spyware and viruses. Actually, most virus cleaners take care of ridding most spyware from a PC and most spyware cleaners will get rid of viruses. So it doesn't much matter which one you have installed on your PC, though I prefer using a spyware cleaner because they seem to be very proficient and usually, they are very cost effective.

This article points out which viruses and spyware it is mandatory your spyware or virus cleaner is able to clean off your hard drive. Also, we'll discuss what this awful stuff is capable of doing to a computer and even your financial well-being.

Dangerous Types of Spyware and Adware

Spyware and adware are similar in the fact they fact the are able to watch what you are doing on your own computer. Adware is more interested in getting information on you as a customer, so that the people who are using it will know how and what to sell to you. Spyware, in many cases, truly spies on you and can find out a lot of very sensitive information such as your social security number.

Everyone has heard of malware. Well, what we are saying when we use the word malware are the words "malicious and software." Malware includes: trojans, worms, phishing ware, bots, rootkits, browser hijackers and last but not least keyloggers. You should make sure your spyware or virus cleaner can clean out or arrest all of these.

The virus types of malware are destructive codes that are out to render your computer inoperable. Spyware and adware on the other hand are more interested in your finances and it is this kind of malware that is responsible for identity theft.

Some types of malware will actually work together. Two different ones can team up to perform one particular misdeed. For instance, a rootkit will make it possible for a worm to enter into your root files. This worm will duplicate itself many times. Left unchecked, it will ruin the computer altogether.

A Final Word About Removing Spyware

So, now we know we don't need both spyware removers and antivirus programs installed on our computers. This leads us to believe we need a total one program to keep our computers running in tip top shape, but really there is one more piece of software we should have. When we remove spyware and/or viruses from our computers, we leave registry corruption in its wake. There are many other sources that create registry corruption, but this is one.

This means we should have a registry cleaner installed on our computer and we should run it after any kind of malware is cleaned from our hard drives because registry corruption makes a computer run like it does when malware is present. Namely it make your computer run slow and crash periodically as well as have frequent error messages.

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