FAP Turbo Review - Automatic Software Trading System

By Ruth Fapedosha

FAP Turbo is an Forex software trading system for Metatrader4 that can actually make trades for you auto-magically. This robot is much improved over the previous version called Forex Autopilot that was also developed by the same 3 programmers.

There are many reasons why FAP Turbo is rocking the world of foreign exchange trading. The first is you can set it up and let it run on autopilot and that is really the only thing you need to do. A great improvement is the hosting option so you don't have to leave your computer on all day long.

Real live trading accounts have been used to test it, not just dummy accounts. It's excellent video tutorials will show you how to install the system yourself if you want.

Once setup this program is restless. This little tool will analyze the market 24 hours a day, five days of week. So if you want to be a trader, you can start by just following the simple instructions provided with the software and you can succeed. The customer service they provide is top-notch. This group reacts rapidly to any query.

When comparing this type of software, there are some important factors that can be used to determine their profitability. The winning rate of the system is the number one determinant. For the last 9 years the FAP Turbo's winning rate has, on average been 95%, with higher success rates shown in live testing.

One other key element to consider is the draw down of the system. Draw down is the percentage that shows what the maximum amount of investment that FAP Turbo has lost in back testing. Draw downs of 10% to 20% are typical for Forex trading software. But FAP Turbo only has a draw down of 0.35%. That's zero point thirty-five percent which is an explanation for why the graphs on their website are so even and not constantly up and down.

It is designed to find more profit opportunities than any other software out there, but also has tighter risk controls. If you are not sure this is the software you need, simply purchase it, test it for a couple months and if you are not satisfied, there is a 60-day money back guarantee. The FAP Turbo robot doesn't require a lot of money to start, since you can start trading with as little as $50.

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