How do you become a Sports Team Mascot?

By Amy Nutt

Being a sports team mascot can be an absolutely thrilling undertaking, but there are quite a few things that youll need to do the job properly. Not everyone has the passion or the skills to be an effective sports team mascot, but if this is an endeavor that you think that you might like to pursue here is a list of things that youll have to have or work on.

Love of the Game

A mascot needs to be able to get the crowd into the game, and the type of energy that youll need to do that comes from a love of the game and a love of the team that you are representing. A good mascot will be a true fan of the sport who knows when their team will need the most support and adoration from the crowd.

You cant effectively support your team if you cant identify what is going on in the game, to be truly effective you should know the sport and your team inside and out.


Being a sports team mascot requires you to be on all season long, even being a custom mascot for a single event can require you to be highly active for several hours on end. To be the best sports team mascot possible youll need to be almost as in shape as the athletes that you are out there supporting. Youll need to have the energy to run, jump, scream and shout for up to three or four hours depending upon what type of sports team you are supporting " and you wont necessarily get the break in between periods or halves like the players, coaches and referees do, you might have to be out there entertaining the crowd from the opening whistle until the game clock strikes zero.


No sports team mascot can be successful without a shining personality that will set them apart from the average fan. Supporting your team as a mascot will require you to be constantly full of life and energy; youll need to be outgoing almost to a fault. Youll have to be capable of cheering up fans and players during the tough points of the game and spawn energy from the crowd when it seems like they dont have any left to give. As a mascot youll also have to have enough personality and sense of humor to playfully pick on the other team and their representative without going too far overboard. There is a fine line between a playful and funny game time prank and deliberately trying to cause trouble and as a mascot youll need to be on the right side of that line.

Athletic Ability and Prowess

If you are representing your favorite football or basketball team you may not have to be able to be able to make a three pointer or kick a field goal, but that doesnt mean that you wont have to train like an athlete. Many sports teams mascots are trained in tumbling or other types of gymnasts movements to have a visually impressive performance for the crowd. Being able to perform cartwheels, handsprings and roundabouts are great ways to get the crowd riled up. High acrobatic jumps and physical interaction with the cheer leading squad can also be big crowd pleasers.

Some mascot costumes are heavy and cumbersome, so youll also need physical strength and endurance to do a good job as a sports team mascot. If you want to interact with the crowd throughout the game it could mean running around stadium stairs with a sixty or seventy pound suit on in the blazing heat " many people would have difficulty running stadium stairs in their jogging suit in high temperatures, so being a mascot certainly isnt a job for everyone.

Being a mascot certainly isnt for the couch potato or Monday morning quarterback, but if youve got an unparalleled love for your team and athletic ability to match your passion than becoming a sports team mascot is well within your reach.

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