Love Energy

By Charles Taylor Pennington

Have you ever come across one of those people that seem to just get it?

They seem connected, they have pleasant confidence that just makes you feel good to be around them. You can feel the energy coming off these people. Back in the day, they called it having animal magnetism.

Do you think they folks are walking around life looking for all the answers?

Dont they seem like they have them already?

What gives them this seemingly super power to create whatever they desire in life?

Its not that they have all the answers.

Its that theyve asked a few key questions.

When you have the right answers, you dont need to waste time searching for them.

As a former systems engineer I spent a lot of time getting to the core of some very complex problems. The systems Ive designed and written have run several multi-million dollar corporations and have had billions of dollars run through them.

One of the reasons that I am good at diagnosing and fixing problems in these systems is because of a simple concept one of my professors made sure we understood.

Make sure you are asking the right questions, and solving the right problems.

Thats what these folks that just seem to get it understand.

They ask themselves, what is at the core of this issue? They realize that symptoms are effects and start looking for their cause.

Ive applied my years as a system engineer to the systems that we use to create our lives. I call my work Human Being 2.0 " The Human Operating System.

In my studies I found that one simple observation, one simple shift in attitude, can short-circuit a huge number of problems that people spend years trying to find the right answers to.

One simple instruction at the core of your Human Operating System can change everything about your life.

Consider this:

Everything is energy. Energy is intelligent. All energy vibrates. All energy harmonizes with all other energy.

You are energy. You vibrate and harmonize with all that is. The act of observing and your attitude towards it is the most powerfully creative process there is.

How you harmonize with energy is, essentially, how you create your life.

The purest energy that a human can produce is love. Thats why love energy is the greatest clearing mechanism known.

The greatest, most powerful Harmonic Thoughts are those of love.

And when the energy of your being is in harmony with love, you are in tune with the purest energy there is.

That's why Love Energy produces clarity of mind and inspiration of thought, which lead to actions that are in harmony with what you truly desire from your life.

The abundant life that you deserve.

The Love Energy Routine is part of the answer to a question I asked. The answer was delivered through a flow of inspired, harmonic thought that was given to me to help me find peace in my life.

What is the Love Energy Routine? The answer to my question was not just the text and idea for a routine to help me feel better.

It was the idea that thoughts and emotions have energy, and that this energy can be focused and tuned. The routine uses guided visualization to put you in harmony with love and gratitude.

And when you are resonating with love and gratitude, that's when great things start to happen.

Because we know the power of the harmony of energy, we start our seminars with the Love Energy Routine.

It does an excellent job of very quickly producing a state of clarity and harmony in the group. We know that whatever baggage and clutter that folks are carrying around can be released with simple observation of love energy.

The Love Energy Routine also focuses on gratitude. Gratitude is essentially love. Love for the things you are observing in your life.

Not love for things youve had or could have had. Not love for the things you may or may not have in the future.

Gratitude is the love for the things of now. Moreover, the love of now.

The love for the creative moment that is now.

Your mind is the most powerful creative natural resource on the planet, and its point of creation is always and only right now.

You have the ultimate power and authority to create your life however you are inspired to do so.

However, you must seize the authority and power and use it. Hone the skills and craft of creating your life. If you dont, your life will be created for you.

Action must be taken. Active thought must be involved. Keen observation is required.

Inspired thought produces the most powerful action.

Clarity produces the most inspired thought.

Love produces the greatest and purest clarity.

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