When you don't feel like working out, here's what to do:

By Caleb Lee

One day in the course of your fitness journey you'll feel like skipping over your strength training session.

There could be tons of whys and wherefores. You may be busy for time, you may be apathetic, you may feel worn-out or aching from your last session regardless the case, you don't feel like getting down to it and going to the gym.

It's times like this when you get the opportunity to build your resolve, strength of mind, and "never say die" attitude.

Now is actually is one of those days for me...

My quads are still really aching from the high intensity tabata protocol I did yesterday on my rest day, plus I didn't get sufficient protein to help build up my strength.

And I must of ate something bad last night because I puke when I woke up at 4am this morning...

So at this point I have two choices: 1.) miss out my strength training session today or 2.) Execute the session as planned, but adjust as needed.

What am I going to pick?

I'm going to carry out my session as planned and find my feet as needed!

So How Can You Make Progress When You Don't Feel Like It?

When I come in the weight room today, I might notice my warm up sets are feeling extra hard. It could be the weights aren't moving as easily as I wish for.

I'll probably still do my first set at the prescribed poundage, but I may have to back off a little on the next two sets no matter.

Consistency Is Key

The answer is I'm going to get in there and carry out my strength training session just like I had planned. Why? Since I know it'll ultimately be the cause of my good health.

Even though I can't perform at maximum it's all right. I'm still getting a TON of other benefits just by keeping fit.

What's more, I'm building the not refraining from the habit.

Plus - you'll never make steady progress again and again - you will have amazing days, not so amazing days, and downright crappy training days its entirely just a part of the game.

The secret is to complete what you established and bring in the rewards for being consistent.

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